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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 18, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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welcome to "news 4" midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, june 18, 2012. the rush system is now in effect. committed to make thousands of riders' trips faster but it may be confusing. it allows them to switch train lines without switching trains. some orange trains will end at blue line stations. some yellow stations will end at greenline stations. the changes are only in effect during the morning and evening rush hours.
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"news 4's" tracee wilkins has more on how this morning's first co commute rush plus went. >> reporter: it was one of the first mornings. one of the things we noticed, there were more greenline trains than there were yellow dash trains. so although there were people who wanted to wait and experience rush plus, it was more important to get their train. >> i think we've got green or yellow. i'll have to change. >> reporter: it was like the first day of school. riders were reading up on their rush plus books trying to figure out what to expect. >> i hope it won't be confusing. i assume it will be better for me, but i'll have to wait and see how it goes. >> reporter: instead of looking for the right class, they were looking for the right train. >> reporter: why did you get
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off? >> i thought it was the yellow. i have to go. >> reporter: it offers additional rush hour trains on some of its busiest lines. it will mean less transfers for some and more for others. those who got to use the yellow dash rush plus lines, they're really happy. >> it will benefit me this morning. i won't have to transfer at l'enfant plaza. >> reporter: some early morning riders felt left out. >> i get on at 5:00. i wish they had done it earlier in the morning. >> reporter: that was probably one of the biggest complaints, those who wanted to see it earlier. those are the hour, 6:30 to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. and we're going to get our first check on the midday travg.
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danel danella sealock is with us. >> let's start with i-66. as you make your way eastbound at nutley. your travel speed, not too slow. that's an 11-minute drive right now. let's head over to the 14 street bridge. it takes away that right lane. you have to stick to the left to get by. travel on 395, not bad at all. barbara, 54 miles an hour. back over to you. >> turning to the weather and a gray rainy start to this day, will the skies clear at all today? tom kierein with a first look at our forecast. tom. >> good morning, barbara. still a lot of cloudiness around. let's go back in time and look at what's been happening. that's rain. all the area in green is light rachblt we've had that mostly light rain around northern virginia, the district and maryland. but it is a little bit heavier.
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the little patches of yellow near fredericksburg and points west, that's going to pass well to the south of washington. loudoun county, that's going to be drifts over the area in a few minutes. a few breaks in the clouds out on the highlands and west virginia now. some of the dryer air may make its way later this afternoon, but we've been holding city in the mid and upper 60s all morning long. when we do get a little sun breaking up perhaps later this afternoon, we may get into the mid-70s. might get into the mid-80s. big heat on the way. i'll have the latest on that. we'll look at the seven-day forecast outlook in just a few minutes, barbara. >> thank you. for the next few weeks police are cracking down on illegal parking in commuter lots. they'll be patrolling homer and
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where megan mcgrath is live. megan, a lot of cars out there now? >> yes. take a look behind me. these cars got legal parking but as the spots filled up, people kept parking. we've got quite a few cars parked in spots they shouldn't be. these two cars parked on top of the white lines here. police are going to be cracking down. first for the next few weeks they're going to be writing warnings but on july 2nd, they're going to be writing actual tickets. it's a bustling commuter lot and as the morning wears on, legal parking spaces are hard to come by and that's when problems start. people begin park illegally on white striped lines, alongsidewalks, anywhere they can find room. >> every place where you're not supposed to park, they're parking.
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>> starting this week if you park illegally at the horner lost, you'll likely find a warning on your windshield when you return. for the next two weeks you'll get an informational flyer. after that, a full blown ticket. many welcome the crackdown. >> when they are parked in some of the space, when you try to back out, you're coming close to hitting another car. >> they double park and triple park. >> others thing they should give commuter a break and transportation officials should build more parking lots. >> we're just trying to get to work and i think there are more important things they could be wright tickets for rather than harassing folks who are, you know, trying to get a day's work in. >> there's not enough parking. that's why so many people double park and do the crazy things which makes it really bad, but still, you know, they just need to do something to increase the parking for the commuters. >> now, there is another commuter lot that's under
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construction that will have about 600 spaces and will be ready by the oefbld the summer and that will help out. but there's no breaks for the commuters. two weeks you'll get a warning. thereafter you're going to get citations and a fine if you park illegally. reporting live in prince william county, megan mcgrath, "news 4." >> thanks, megan. fairfax city police are still needing your help to solve a hit-and-run injury that left a 3-year-old man krcritically injured. they're looking for his family. police say he was born in afghanistan and they haven't been able to reach his relatives. police say he was walking when a driver in a light colored suv similar to this one hit him and left the scene. if you have any information, please call fairfax city police. >> and this morning d.c. mayor vincent gray reported for jury duty. he tweeted, quote, reporting for jury duty like any other d.c.
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voter. he's been busy today. he spoke at tax administration meeting before checking in to court at 9:30. he's scheduled to attend two more events later this evening. former council member thomas will begin serving his prison sentence this week. he'll report to a minimum security prison camp in alabama. he'll likely spend two years there after pleading guilty to hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants that were supposed to go to youth programs. an autopsy is scheduled today to figure out how rodney king died. he died at home at the age of 47. there's a tape of him having been beated by police. that set off riots in los angeles that last ed for three days, killed 55 paem and destroyed parts of the city.
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police say it appears king's death was an accident. 8 minutes after 1g 1k. coming up, elections in grease, how the white house is reacting to it. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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greeks apparently aren't ready to ditch the euro. this second national election in six weeks. greeks haven't been able to agree onhandle the nation's spiraling debt. they've attached strict austerity levels to those loans. they say greece would be better off leaving the eurozone altogether. the white house says it welcomes the result of the election. right now, leaders of the world's largest economies are meeting in mexico. president obama arrived in lohse cabos, mexico, last night. there are talks of the crisis are expected to dominate two days of talks. as we speak, president obama is meeting with president felipe
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calder calderon. he'll be speaking with russia's president putin today. russia has been a long-time ally and trade partner of syria. it could be key to negotiating a deal that could give syrian leader bashar assad refuge. back here in the u.s. mitt romney is campaigning in wisconsin today. the republican presidential nominee is visiting the state for the first time since winning back in april. he kpanled alongside scott walker who won a recall election two weeks ago and he's also with congressman paul ryan. romney is in the middle of a five-day bus tour through six battleground states. a develops story out of colorado now. strong winds are making it harder for firefighters to keep the mav the massive fires from spreading. they're looking out for looters chl they already arrested one man who posed as a firefighter.
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so far more than 56,000 acres are burned, 181 hoemes are destroyed. the fire is now 45% contained. and storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now. we don't have wind but we've got wet weather out there. >> it's cool. within 48 hours we're going to be 30 degrees warmer. it's going to be hitting the 90s here by wednesday. but enjoy the cool weather while you can. it's not going to last much longer. there is the sky over the nation's capital. we've got a lot of low gray clouds that have been coming through and producing mostly light rain over the last several hours. right now, cloudy in washington. just a few sprinkles around and it's at 65 cool degrees. our average is 85. we're not going be anywhere near that. a lot of cloudiness with a southeast breeze and humidity levels are gradually climbing
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and the flowers are still looking beautiful even under a gray sky. james mitchell sent this in from anacostia. you can post your pictures to or send them to our facebook page and we will share. look at the rain p momoving in. we'll show you the repeating flow in the atmosphere coming in from the northwest, heading south and east. close-up view of the radar showing light rain in fairfax county and just a few sprinkles just outside of washington and southeast and northeast. right now right near the beltway where it meets route 50, they're getting a moderate shower there. but the rest of prince george's county, light rain in anne arundel, st. charles. and more moderate showers into southern prince williams county. fredericksburg getting a moderate shower.
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there's another batch of moderate rain. that's going to be drifting to the south of fredericksburg. elsewhere it's going to be gradually drying out over the next hour. cloud cover breaking up. sunshine now beginning to break out in the shenandoah valley and that may make its way. we might have a little sun breaking out. under these clouds it's still cool, only in the 60s. the sun has broken out in west virginia. it's now jumping into the 70s there and when that happens here, to, we'll likely get into the 70s by later this afternoon. let's go forward over the next 30 hours. this is the area where there's general rain. it breaks up by this afternoon. overnight, a small chance of an additional shower, maybe a rumble. tomorrow we start off dry but during the afternoon hours we could get more showers popping up as we get more warmer air. for the rest of the afternoon. if you're going to be heading
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out over the next hour or so, you'll be needing an umbrella and we'll have a small chance. after that temperatures in the mid-70s. where the sun breaks out it may make it up to around 80 degrees. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy. a small chance of an additional shower or thundershower. we'll drop from the 70s, down to the 60s by midnight. during the day on tuesday, partly sunny. you'll notice the humidity creeping back in and it's going be climbing into the mid-80s. small chance of an afternoon shower or thundershower that might linger into the evening. it's going to be sweltering humidity. hot and humid on wednesday and thursday with afternoon highs low to mid-90s with the humidity. it may be feeling like almost 100 degrees. both afternoons, wednesday and thursday. then getting a little bit cooler as a front comes in on friday. maybe some thunderstorms around
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with that front but that should usher in lower humidity. >> i always like it nice on the weekends. >> okay. >> sank it for then. >> will do. >> talk to you, tom. we're going to check on the midday traffic again. hopefully things are still moving out there okay. danella, what's it looking like? >> still have slow spots. we start with the beltway in virginia. construction on the outer loop is slowing you down. if you look closely, you see the right lane is blocked as well as the left lane. just a little bit slow from braddock and as you cross over and make your way closer to the interchange, things look a lot better for you. this time on the inner loop of the beltway. this is right at 193 university boulevard. you're slow as you make your way toward i-295. about 34 miles an hour. that takes you 17 minutes to make that drive. barbara, i'll be back shortly with another update on your sfloosk okay. we'll look forward to seeing you
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top chefs will come together to help the organization food and friends. it's called chefs' best dinner and auction anze we have one of the chefs. he joins us this morning. good morning and welcome. >> good morning to you. how are you? >> good morning. i've been to taska, and it's fabulous and you brought along a chef with you. and both of you are from florence. >> no. he's from milan, but we talk.
11:23 am
it's okay. >> both have fabulous restaurants and great food. >> thank you. >> tell us how you got involved in food and friends and why you're doing it. >> we're doing it because food and friends is a wonderful organization. they do provide food for meals that have hiv, cancer, and other illnesses. it's a free organization that's helped in 25 years in washington. >> that's coming up next week. both of you are participating that, is that right? >> yes, we are. >> we're going to make a fabulous dish. l let's take a look at the things we're going to need. you're going to need 20 ounces of pici senisi. >> it's a hand-roll ee eed past. you roll it between your
11:24 am
fingers. >> it's like spaghetti. >> yes. locality's let's go back quickly to what we need. 1 cup of fresh citrus juice, 1 cup of fava beerngs one clove of garlic, you need -- show us what you're doing. >> we start with lemon zest. >> lem chb zeon zest is from th >> yes. light touch of citrus sauce. >> what kind? >> citrus. lemon, orange juice and great fight. salt and peller, a lpper, a litf olive oil which never hurts. >> i love that too. then you've got strips of lemon, grape tomatoes. >> yep. >> and now you're putting in the
11:25 am
pasta. >> we erie going with the pasta. >> and we finish with a light touch of pava beans. >> if we're going vegan, we stay out of parmesan cheese. >> and what goes in next? >> arugula salad. it's fresh, seasonal, very summery. as you can see, the pasta is very, very simple. there's no tricks. nothing that people cannot do at home. keep it simple, keep it light. keep it fresh sniet would be vegan if it didn't have the parmesan cheese. >> it's a simple vegetarian. it's one of the most simple pastas. you serve it into a dish just like that and we finish as i
11:26 am
said before, olive oil never hurts. >> this is just minutes to cook. >> yeah, yeah. >> it looks very beautiful. >> very simple. >> we hold it up under here where they can see it nice and close. that is just absolutely beautiful. ahhh. fantastic. >> so please don't forget to come to the event on june 26. you can buy the tickets at it's a wonderful event. 55 best chefs of washington are going to join us. each is going to bring a wonderful gift. >> and you'll be able to eat there. >> of course. >> and for the reszpy ys recipe, you can g you can watch it slowly. >> or come to -- >> thank you for coming. good luck with food and friends
11:27 am
sniet is 11:26. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4" midday, jerry sandusky's attorneys could begin to present a unique defense and why one charge against him was dropped today. plus the multi-million-dollar lawsuit by the main suspect in the disappearance of a local
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right now thousands of commuters are getting used to a new rush hour system on the metro. it allows many riders to switch lines without switching trains. some orange line trains that switch in vienna make stops at blue line station. similar stops at the blue, yellow, and green lines. it's only effective during the morning and evening rush hours. right now the prosecution
11:31 am
rest third case just a few minutes ago. sandusky is now facing one fewer charge. prosecutors dropped one of the charges because the statue of limitation ran out. the former penn state assistant football coach is expected to testify. he's expected, not for sure. legal analysts say if he doesn't take the stand, it all but assures a guilty verdict against him. sandusky's defense team might present the possibility that he suffers from a personality disorder. a mental health expert will be available at the trial to examine him if necessary. meanwhile jurors are dealership rating again in the roger clemens perjury trial. they didn't meet last week because the judge had a speaking engagement in new orleans. clemens is charged with lying to congress four years ago about using steroids or human growth hormone. he faces up to 30 years in
11:32 am
prison if convicted on all six counts. today we're expecting to get some information on "news 4 midday." prosecutors released phone calls from george zimmerman and his wife while he was in jail for shooting trayvon martin. in one phone call he instructed his wife to transfer money from bank accounts. the call could play a role in his second bond hearing. the judge rejected his role after prosecutors argued he misled the court about his financial situation. prosecutors say zimmerman knew they had roughly $135,000 raised from a website but did not disclose that information. his wife shelly has since been charged with perjury. the prime suspect in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is now trying to cash in. gary gee or daiordano is going
11:33 am
policy. it's the same policy that helped make him a suspect. we have more on the new developments. >> reporter: it is the latest twist in this mystery in paradise. what happened to robyn gardner who simply vanished in aruba last august. her travel companion said they went snorkeling together, the water got rough and she never made it out. he did nothing wrong. police never bought his story. he took out this travel insurance on robin's life, but still aruban authorities didn't have enough to charge him. giordano was released and wentz home to maryland. now giordano has filed this lawsuit against american express to collect on that insurance policy, demanding $3.5 million, saying robin lynn gardner is presumed to be deceased and that amex has the duty to pay the full death benefit. robin's friends are furious. >> it infuriates me that dpair
11:34 am
would have the nerve to do something like that. >> reporter: they're telling nbc news it's too soon. when someone's dead the claim would not be evaluated until 365 days after the incident. it's only been ten months but giordano says they owe him millions and defended the policy. >> if you take out insurance against your loved one and something happens to them, you're a murderer. i think that's ridiculous. >> he said the suit speaks for itself. aruban police still consider him a prime suspect and are working with the fbi to go over his laptop and cell phone. today the university of virginia's board is meeting to discuss the board's decision to fire teresa sullivan as uva's president. the senate held an emergency meeting last night to discuss sullivan's fighting just two
11:35 am
years into her term. it passed a resolution to express a vote of no confidence in the board of visitors. many faklet members are furious that no one has explained why sul von was let go except to say there are philosophical differences. >> i do not understand this action and there's anger that there's a lack of communication. >> and i feel like the way she was removed was. in the spirit of what mr. jefferson wanted for this university. >> top donors are threatening to stop contributing because of that move. we want to check in with tom kierein again for the latest on the forecast. >> good morning. most of the rain is passing south and east of washington. just a few lingering sprinkles around the metro area. over the last few hours we've seen this flow of the atmosphere, northwest to southeast bringing a lot of the rain away from the metro area. still a few sprinkles in southwest washington and now about to move into southeast and across the potomac into fairfax,
11:36 am
arlington and light rate. those patches of yellow in southern charles county and into stafford and spotsylvania. that stretches farther into the west 689 that's that heavier rain passing well south of washington and right now it's still cool, just in the 60s throughout most of the region. although where the sun's breaking out it's climbing into the 70s. we ought to get sunshine in the area. otherwise a lot of cloudiness the rest of the afternoon. just a slight chance of an additional shower perhaps this afternoon and evening and then tomorrow and wednesday and thursday, we heat up mid-80s into the 9. wednesday and thursday with sweltering humidity moving in and only a small chance of afternoon thunderstorms. each one of those days hot and humid. could get an afternoon storm. cooler weather and dryer for the weekend. lower humidity barbara? >> thank you, tom. it's your last chance to hop on
11:37 am
board. some amazing historic ships in baltimore. several navel naval ships will leaving out of the harbor. more than a million people are estimated to have visited the ships this past weekend which came to town to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. let's check the midday traffic again. here's danella sealock. a stream of steady traffic? >> yes. you're hitting the brakes at 123. jammed in the area at 18 miles an hour. delayings continue as you make your way southbound toward dale city. no accidents. just volume. you're just seeing volume in this area. now onto good news. it looks nice and clear. no issues as you make your way
11:38 am
toward the beltway. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, danella. rielle hunter wrote a tell-all book what really happened. john edwards, our daughter and me and he writes before the corruption trial started he would likely be sent to a low security prison in virginia. it was more like a country club than a jail. last month he was acquitted of one count of campaign contributions. jurors were deadlocked on five other felony counts leading to a mistrial. health concerns for rock royalty this morning. jack osborne, soften ozzy osbourne has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he found out after his fiancee
11:39 am
gave birth to their daughter. he lost 66% of eyesight in one eye. on the "today" show dr. nancy snyderman said it can affect the body. >> every nerve has insulation around it and ms attacks that insulation so that the electrical impulses from the brain to the tips of your fin gores and toes don't work as well. so he's going to have to be really in tune with his body. >> multiple sclerosis can be treated with medication and therapy but there is no cure of ms. the battle of the bull mg c can be unrelenting. right now teen weight loss surgery is becoming more common but some question if some of those patients are just too young. nbc's diana gonzalez reports. >> reporter: amanda rodriguez weighed almost 300 pounds so she
11:40 am
had bypass surgery a day before her 17th birthday. both of her parents had it too. >> in order for me to go to school, which was in high school, there were a few flights of steps that i couldn't get up because i was so big and so heavy, i needed an elevator key to get up the stairs. it was really embarrassing. >> reporter: amanda was part of a study, analyzing the study. they looked at 890 teens. 66 pounds was the average weight loss after one year. teens who had gastric bypass lost twice as much as those who had an adjustable band, but there are still no long-term results. >> why wait if you have a patient that is morbidly obese in their teenage years and there is an intervention available to them to help them live a healthier life as an adult. why not? >> reporter: while the rate of obesity in children continues to
11:41 am
increase, many pediatricians and parents hesitate to choose weight loss surgery for teens. this doctor sees it as an option for children. >> the youngest age, i'm not sure. if someone present med with a 9 or 10-year-old that was severely morbidly oh beerbeobese, i woulr it. the youngest age was a 13-year-old. >> reporter: amanda is now 100 pounds. she said gastric by pass has improved her life. >> i'm able to walk around on campus and go on school trips and interact with really coot guys. >> that was diana gonzalez reporting. medicaid paid for amanda's surgery. doctors hope this will prompt more private insurance companies to cover the cost for teens. it's 11lin 41. still ahead. what to avoid in a hotel room in order to avoid germs.
11:42 am
plus, exercising without pain could be about the shoes
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facebook is paying out $10 million to settle a lute over some of its advertisements. if a user liked certain brands they showed up on friends' pages as sponsored story. some users sued saying sources were using their activity. the money will go to charity. a judge still needs to approve that settlement. gas prices are holding city this morn bug expeing but expec summertime slide to continue. the national average is $3.50 right now. gas is actually up a peppy though here in the district from yesterday to $3.58 a gallon right now. maryland drivers are paying 3.40
11:46 am
on dlanch and virginia, $3.27. those low tax prices are the reason that the taxi commission is dropping it. starting thursday you're going to save a dollar on your taxi ride in the district. the surcharge has been in effect last month to offset gas prices. they say if gas prices go back up, they could impose that fuel surcharge again. stocks are mixed this morning. we're going to check in with brian shactman. he's got the rest of the day's headlines. >> we'll see what happens. stock market, as you said, is mixed. the dow jones industrial average is down. the s&p 500 is down. woe had that election yesterday in greece. the worst-case scenario did not
11:47 am
happen. the proparty did win. we'll see what coalition government they do form. clearly we're not close to done. they have to figure out how to nair debts. it was not a worst-case scenario. spain is now the concern. their borrowing rates are way high again. 17% on the long-term debt. some thing they're next. the euro problem is still definitely looming over all of our heads. one thing i want to point out. a lot of people use microsoft, they own the stock. they're making a major announcement we're told after the close. there are lots of rumors that they're going to make a tab it computer to go after apple ipad. there were rumors that barnes & noble was going to be involved. we will wait and see what happens. of course, barbara, people have taken swings at atle and the ipad. and to date they have all been
11:48 am
misses. we'll see, if it even is an ipad competitor. >> only a guess at this point. all right, brian. have a great day. >> you, too, barbara. wlu weather you are a runner or just enjoy a casual walk, the right shoes make a big difference. dr. raymond selano joins us with some advice. good morning. >> good to see you, barbara. >> good to have you with us. why is it important to wear the right shoe when you're walking or running? >> for a couple of reasons. everybody's foot is different. everything starts from the ground up. when you add exercise to that mix you can create lots of problems. >> i guess i don't realize since we go to manufacturers for shoes that everybody's shoes are different. they expect our foot to fit in that shoe if it's the right length and that's it. >> everyone's foot is different. one of the things i see in my
11:49 am
office is someone has a pronated foot that rolls in more than it needs to and for that reason you need to make up for that loss of mobility by finding the right shoe that's going to bring the foot back to a neutral position and prevent problems from happening up the kinetic chain. >> is that the old-fashioned arch support? >> the arch support which you can resolve with the proper shoe. >> let's talk about the shoe. >> sure. for someone who's a pronator, do you want a shoe that's got quite a bit of motion or stability. this shoe here particular ly isa wide-soled shoe. it keeps it in position so when you run or walk, it will prevent shock from traveling further up into those vulnerable areas. >> so if you're buying shoes in
11:50 am
a store or online, look for one that has stability control if your feet tend to turn inward. >> inward, exactly. something that's got motion stability control. now, there is the opposite side of that in someone who's actually a supinator who actually walks or runs on the outer edges of their feet and there's a shoe actually for that and that's less of anarch. this type of sheoe here is a lo thinner, doesn't have that stability control. it allows the foot to roll in and out a little bit more unlike the other shoe that actually locks it in place. >> okay. so we've got those that roll in, those that roll out. any other shoe conditions? >> for some people who have certain conditions, they may need more padding. if you have someone with a shoe that needs motion control but i have pain, give me a shoe that has motion control and padding, that's when you look for a shoe that's typically lined with a
11:51 am
double padding. this shoe would be excellent for not just a pronator but someone who needs the extra cushion because maybe they have plantar fasciitis or heel spur. >> are there any more serious conditions that can occur if you don't wear the right shoes? >> there are. you can create things like knee pain, hip pain and back pain. but the thing to understand there is foot pain is usually where it starts at. it's a cumulative process so as your feet are boerkting you, hurting you, it's time to get that checked out before you develop other things. >> quickly, can you tell me about all of the pads that you can put into your shoes? what is that for? >> sure. that is for a patient or a person, a runner, a walker that needs more stability, additional stability than what the shoe provides. and that comes in different colors, different levels of padding. depending on the shoe as well
11:52 am
because every shoe is different. you can put them in your athletics or work shoe, dress shoe. >> so it's a good idea. >> it's a good idea. for someone who has a problem with a heel spur or history of plantar fasciitis, they would benefit more from custom made inserts which are typically done in the office. these are specifically made for that person's feet. >> so that's an orthotic. >> it's a custom made orthotic. >> dell solano, thank you so much. i know i'm always looking for the right shuchlt i already heard you swha my problem is. thank you so much for coming in. our time, 11:52, and coming up, queen elizabeth not looking her best. plus meteorologist tom kierein will be back whether we kierein will be back whether we
11:53 am
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today, some are concerned about queen elizabeth's health. here's why. she appeared at a polo match across the pond yesterday with a bloodshot eye. a spokesperson for buckingham palace did not say what caused that but said her overall health is fine. you may think twice about channel surfing the next time you're staying in a hotel.
11:56 am
tv remote is one of the most germiest. researchers say light switches are among the other surface. no shocker here. bathroom sinks and floors are probably crawling with germ ger. before you go and cancel your hotel reservation, the results don't necessarily mean it will make you sick, thank goodness. take a look at some of the news we'll be following. pat lawson muse joins us. >> coming up on "news 4" at 4:00, more than half a million vehicles have been added to a federal investigation. we'll tell you what that's all about. also ahead we'll have the very latest on the death of rodney king at his home in california. access hollywood's billy bush will join us. drives rs in d.c. are more
11:57 am
likely to get involved in an accident than anywhere else in the country. tom has a final check on the weather. >> it's beginning to move south and east. right now raining in southern maryland and into the northern neck. it's going to continue to track to our south and temperatures are just in the 60s. 67 at reagan national. we have to get sun breaking out and when it happens we ought to climb back into the 70s. only a small chance of an additional shower but then we heat up into the 90s wednesday and thursday with sweltering humidity. and then as we do get into the weekend, things will be cooling down and drying out and over the weekend, the annual emmy awarding came out and guess who won one, our own barbara harrison. >> thank you. i wasn't expecting you to -- this is the first time i've seen
11:58 am
it because i wasn't able to attend. >> it's wonderful. congratulations for host iing diplomatic plates. >> it's just beautiful. i'm so grateful and so thankful to everybody here who made this possible. we all say it takes a team. >> your manltle is getting crowded. >> i've won a few. let me quickly thank because i have ten seconds. matt glassman thanks so much and perkins. perkins[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network
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